New Two Story Multi-Purpose Structure in Development

We have been constructing the new two-story classroom/laboratory structure earnestly and rapidly. The vast majority of this was completed in the last month-since the first week of October. We spent August and early September preparing the ground and the initial foundational work. About 25 young men have been employed on a daily basis and the […]

Kijana Students Go Swimming

Kijana Global Innovation School students had the opportunity to go swimming recently at a local swimming pool. This was part of the new educational curriculum in the nation which emphasizes hands-on learning and competency in active engaged skill-based learning. Our students clearly enjoyed the  experience and we anticipate bringing them back in the future. We […]

Kijana’s Summer of Volunteerism

Photo descriptions:  Geoffrey Omusula playing a descant recorder, inspired by Andre’ Madison, (feature photo), Samantha and Kijana Care, Share and Explore team member, Prideluck Ubagah, (top left), Mildred Acosta working with students (top right), Santino, Mildred, and Andre’ (bottom left), Andre’ introducing the recorder to students (bottom right).  A big asante sana (thank you) to […]

New Bus Arrives

Enrollment at the Global Innovation School continues to grow. As of mid-August, we have 157 students on campus. Transportation to-and-from the school is essential to the continued success of the school. Providing safe and reliable transportation to our Kijana students living in surrounding communities is of primary concern. Consequently, we purchased a 47-seat bus, which […]

Collaboration Continues on Kijana’s Planned Library and Media Center/Amphitheater

New York architects, Harpreet Dhaliwal and Christopher Dameron recently visited our Kijana Global Innovation School and Kenya with their family to continue the collaboration process that has been in development for a year. In the above photo, the two are seen working with our local architect, Jeremiah Awori, in library design development. Also visible are the most […]

Students Participate in Three Care, Share and Explore Adventures

Kijana views the several week break from classes as a valuable time for experiential learning. Grades 4,5,6 and 7 students took part in three significant exploratory excursions in different regions of the country from the beginning of March through April 25th. Students and teachers visited and explored Rusinga Island, Kakamega Forest, Kembu Camp and the […]

Kijana Global Innovation School Holds Second Pre-Primary Graduation

April and May of this year mark an important transitional time for the Kijana Global Innovation School. The 2021 school year (altered calendar due to Covid-19) ended in early March and students have had a six week break before the 2022 school year begins on April 25th. On March 4th, we held our second pre-primary […]

International Architectural Team Meets and Explores Kenya

We were fortunate to host in Kenya Harpreet Dhaliwal and Chris Dameron and family. The two are the lead architectural designers in our recently formed international architectural team, designing the future library/media center and amphitheater at our Kijana Global Innovation School. After visiting the site and planning with our key local architect, Jeremiah Awori, a […]

Kijana Celebrates International Day of the Girl Child 2021

Every October 11th, world organizations come together to celebrate the girl child with the aim of raising attention to their needs and promote their empowerment. Kijana joined these organizations by celebrating at Emukangu Primary School in Western Kenya. The 2021 theme was “Digital Generation, Our Generation”. Kijana commemorated the day by having a series of […]

Celebrating Black History Month

As we inaugurate Black History Month 2022, Kijana has successfully reached out in Palm Beach County and Florida and found school audiences for our Kijana Heroes Poster Series. On Monday January 31st, we set up 36 Heroes Posters at Rosarian Academy in West Palm Beach. On Tuesday, an exhibit of the full forty posters was […]