Celebrating Our Anthem Awards with the Team in Kenya

We are proud and grateful, as mentioned in previous communications, that for the second year in a row, Kijana is an anthem award winner. This year, however, instead of a single Silver Award for our Care, Share and Explore program, we won SIX awards (three silver awards and three community voice awards). The three silver […]

Refurbishing the Creative Design of the Global Innovation School

One of the innovative hallmarks of our Kijana Global Innovation School is the creative and artistic design of the school environment. Our unique zigzag classroom design, ideated by Kijana Vice-President, Bruce Huber and created with the oversight of Kijana architect, Jeremiah Awori, forms a foundation for architectural creativity. Our school is also home to numerous […]

Building Upon Historic Relationships and Collaborating With New Friends

April was a historic month for Kijana as we welcomed our first former fellow WorldTeach volunteer, Ethan Bloomberg, from the August 1987 group of volunteers as a visitor to the Global Innovation School. It was that experience with WorldTeach that set James P. Cummings on his path to founding Kijana and the Kijana Global Innovation […]

Kijana Recognized with SIX Anthem Awards in 3rd Annual Competition

https://youtu.be/9cSputhht7g “Through sharing and exploring, we learn, find appreciation, and grow toward a better world.- James P. Cummings For the second year in a row, Kijana is a winner in the Anthem Awards, an annual competition, which recognizes “purpose and mission driven work throughout the world.” This year, we won THREE Silver Awards. We have […]

Skill Development and Community Connections at the Kijana Global Innovation School

At Kijana, we believe that our world needs problem-solvers and community craftsmen or craftspeople. We need future citizens who will forge a better world for us with a spirit of caring, sharing and exploring. Our junior secondary school students are learning chess. Chess teaches multiple critical thinking skills, including: problem-solving, abstract reasoning, calmness under pressure, […]

Kijana’s Commitment to Creative Aesthetics and Visual Education Brings New Naming Opportunities

Since the Kijana Global Innovation School’s initial development in 2020, we have been committed to creating a unique, comfortable and inviting learning environment for students. The central collaborative team in this development has included Kijana President James Cummings, Palm Beach County graphic artist, Claire Salmon and Kenyan artist, Jesse Otukho. Additionally, Nani, of Nani’s Kitengela […]

Families Join in Encouraging 6th and 8th Graders As National Exams Begin

Kenya has an extremely strong culture of encouraging and supporting education and educational advancement of their youth. An element of that commitment is a tradition of holding a prayer day before taking the national exams. In addition to holding a pre-primary graduation last week, we held a prayer day for 6th and 8th graders who […]

Kijana’s Global Innovation School Holds its 3rd pre-primary school graduation

On October 24th, the Kijana Global Innovation School held its 3rd pre-primary (Kindergarten) grade level graduation. Twenty-four students graduated and will advance to first grade. It was a joyous occasion filled with happy parents and members of the community. As a recognition of their accomplishments, and appreciation and demonstration of Kijana’s strong commitment to a […]