Kijana Global Innovation School

Our Kijana Global Innovation School fuses a holistic vision of education to specific learning activities that connect learners to the larger global society which we inhabit and share.

Students will be inspired and nurtured to fulfill their potentials and will be prepared to advance to the next stage academically with confidence, global understanding, and the individual and collaborative skills to compete and contribute in a challenging and engaging world. Kijana’s developing world class institution will also be a venue for international collaboration as educators and students from other countries, including the United States, will be invited to visit, learn, and share in a beautiful and culturally interactive environment.

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Students will learn to be engaged global citizens. Students will interact directly with their peers in other countries and will be taught global challenges and develop skills in analysis and problem-solving in order to be life-long global citizens. Students at the Kijana Global Innovation School will learn how to overcome challenges both individually and collectively.

Our Team

A school’s teachers are the heart and soul of the educational and personal relationship to learning for students.  We have carefully selected a team of dedicated, experienced, innovative, and personable professionals for our inaugural teaching staff.  Our team is led by the Principal, Mr. Simeon Buluku, who is a Kijana beneficiary, and experienced International School teaching professional. 

Our teaching staff is complemented by a small team of staff members, who assist is creating a comfortable, safe, and structured environment for learning.  Additional non-teaching staff members include a secretary, cook, cleaner, and driver. 

Our team of caring professionals is dedicated to providing  an enjoyable, yet energetic learning experience for our youths.

Meet the Team


Ebby Shiroya – Project Manager and Director

As our school develops physically, we want to provide you with a glimpse of the people behind the scenes who make the buildings emerge. The key person on the ground overseeing this school development project since last May (2019) is Ms. Ebby Shiroya. Serving as our project manager, she has organized the production of the bricks, negotiated all material purchases, hiring and overseeing construction work, arranging delivery of goods, managing communication with various stakeholders. She is up early in the morning signing in workers and at the site into the evening paying workers on a daily basis. Late into the evening, she has been organizing details and paperwork and communication to keep the development of the school flowing.  Meanwhile, she keeps her other business ( a boutique in Kisumu) operating and supports her family and others.

She is a highly experienced businesswoman, having operated a restaurant and bar for over six years, owning her own taxi and “tuktuk” ( cabined motorcycle), in addition to developing a boutique which markets imported goods.  She travels frequently to Dubai, Thailand, China, Uganda, and elsewhere to purchase goods for her shop.  Moreover, she presently grows bamboo, pawpaws, beans, groundnuts, trees, bananas and other produce. 

We are fortunate to have her motivated, on the ground service to our organization and to the youth of the region.  Her business experience, skillful negotiating techniques and tremendous energy have allowed us to raise these buildings quickly and with solid, high quality construction. 

She is an example of the skilled, experienced, energetic women entrepreneurs throughout Kenya and Africa and whose talent we need to invest in to build a better future for us all.

Jeremiah Awori – Chief Architect

Kijana is fortunate to have a talented and energetic local team.  One of our most valuable long-term team members is our multi-talented architect and project contractor, Mr. Jeremiah Awori.  Mr. Awori is an example of the unique grass-roots connections that Kijana President James P. Cummings has developed over decades and the human impact of our small-scale investments.  We discovered Mr. Awori in 2009, when he was teaching at Mwituha, the school we built in partnership with the local Mwituha community.  Mr. Awori, a trained architect, had been jobless for close to a decade, prior to teaching at Mwituha. He had been living and farming at his home.  The restoration of Mwituha, opened up several local teaching positions.  He obtained one of these and during a visit to the community in 2009, James Cummings and Kijana Vice-President, Bruce Huber met Mr. Awori.  A connection was immediately developed as Bruce Huber and Jeremiah Awori collaborated to design the Mwituha Library/Amphitheater, which we then proceeded to build. Mr. Awori additionally served as the chief architect and contractor for the library and amphitheater we built at Lwanda, in Nyanza Province (2014-2015).   

Our joint global effort is evident in our new Kijana Global Innovation School as Bruce Huber created the overall design of the site plan and Jeremiah Awori has again served as our local architect and contractor.  Jeremiah’s knowledge of construction, and design and his ability to implement the relatively unique designs of Bruce Huber make for a powerful inter-global team. 

The construction and development of Mwituha has provided for human and economic progress in multitudes of ways, many of which we do not exactly know.  Jeremiah Awori is one example of a highly talented individual, who through Kijana’s local investments and explorations, has found avenues for personal development.  After some years at Mwituha, Mr. Awori obtained a position at a local polytechnic school, where he now also serves as Principal.  After visiting Florida in the spring of 2019, as a Kijana Global Ambassador, and visiting local schools, including a tech school in South Florida, he applied for a grant from his county and was awarded $30,000 worth of tech machinery. Mr. Awori, a local Renaissance Man (architect, farmer, teacher) is now in a highly stable position and sharing his skills and talents with others, multiplying the impact. 

Our Kijana Global Innovation School, incorporates a one-of-a-kind design. Jeremiah Awori is the key person on the ground, who has made this happen. It will be a significant legacy. We anticipate much more work in the future.  Jeremiah Awori and KIjana have only just begun.


Simeon Buluku, the Principal of Kijana’s first Global Innovation School and a talented actor was born in 1989 in Emanyonyi village, at Mulukoti area. He’s the first born in a family of three children.

He joined Ebusiloli Primary School at the age of 7. He was always his class’s top student. In his final year in the school, he was the first index. Subsequently he was the top student in the school’s national exam with an impressive 374 out 500 marks, a remarkable score coming from a rural school.

He was chosen to join the best national schools in the country, including Chavakali High School but his parents could not afford the needed fees. He consequently joined Ebunangwe High School in 2005, a much less expensive school, which was within his locality. A year later he served the school as the assistant Head boy. He then moved to Ebubayi Secondary in 2007, and graduated with a C+ grade (which is significantly above average in Kenya)  in 2008. He served as an untrained teacher at Ebubayi Primary school for 2 years perhaps sharpening his ambition of becoming a future fully fledged teacher.

Mr. Buluku is following the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who were both teachers, joined Narok Teachers Training College (TTC) based in Kenya in 2011. He graduated in 2013 with a P1 certificate, Credit 1 rank. He also holds a certificate in Education in Human Values. In addition, Mr. Buluku holds a certificate in Information Technology from Narok TTC.    

Mr. Buluku knew Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative in early 2000, when the organization was sponsoring Ebusiloli Primary school where he was studying by constructing new modern classrooms to replace the dilapidated old mud walled ones. He vividly recalls that his final class was constructed by the organization. He adds that the organization bought stationery for the school and donated many books for young learners from the United States of America, under the stewardship of Mr. James P. Cummings, who is the organization’s President. Mr. Buluku says that these acts of kindness, motivated him to study hard in the new better environment, so that he can also give back to the society.

Mr. Buluku was appointed as the Inaugural Principal of Kijana’s inaugural Global Innovation School in December, 2019 through a successful interview. He’s driven by his passion for teaching, significant experience and willingness to serve the society. He’s a former teacher and boarding master at Sathya Sai International School.


Naomi Akonya Mwikhali was born in 1994 in Imahani village, Musoli Sub-location, Ikolomani Sub County in Kakamega County, Western Kenya. Naomi is the fifth born in a family of 8 siblings; 2 girls and 6 boys. She is married and blessed with 2 children.

Naomi started her primary education at Shitechia Primary School in 2000. She graduated from it in 2010 after scoring 283 out of a possible 500 marks. With this good performance, she joined Lirhembe Girls Secondary School in 2011, where she successfully scored a mean grade of C minus, upon her graduation in 2014.

Naomi went on to pursue her dream course of teaching when she joined St. Michael Trinity Teachers Training College in August 2015. Two years later, she graduated with a certificate in Early Childhood Development Education (E.C.D.E).

She kick-started her teaching career at Acts Learning and Development Center from January 2016 to May 2017.  She transferred to Liberation Academy where she was responsible for teaching the Play Group students from June 2017 to February 2018. In early January 2019, Naomi joined Neema Asubwe Academy as a PP2 until December 2020.

Full of experience, energy and enthusiasm, Naomi landed her best prestigious opportunity at the amazing Kijana Global Innovation School after taking part in a successful interview in January 2021. She currently teaches Language and Mathematics to PP1 students.  

Naomi says that she first heard about this prestigious school when Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative was assisting community members during the Covid 19 pandemic by distributing food packages and washing soaps to the local communities. She also heard brilliant student presentations at a local radio station; Ingo Radio. This made her aspire to be part of the team that is bringing up such outstanding sharp, creative and innovative students. She lives her dream today by teaching at the school that she is very proud of and passionate about; Kijana Global Innovation School.  

She enjoys every aspect of her school. The structures here can only match those of the best campuses perhaps in Kenya. The classes are spacious. The environment is tranquil and green, which is best for indoor and outdoor learning. She says that the students here are exposed to the best learning resources, some of which are shipped from America to help them acquire global education. “My desire is to keep creating a strong foundation for young learners, which will eventually catapult them to realizing their aspirations later in life.” Naomi says. 

Malack Amakobe Omusina was born in 1997 in Eburunga Village, Butere Sub County, Kakamega County. He is the first born in a family of six children. He attended several primary schools including Sagania in Busia County, Cardinal Otunga Preparatory in Nairobi County, and finally Emasera Primary in Kakamega county where he scored an impressive 331/500 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E); his school’s top performer in 2013. 

He was a brilliant student with leadership attributes throughout his primary studies. He served as the student head of school in 2011. He also headed the school’s Debate Club.  

In 2014, Malack joined St. Patrick’s Ikonyero Secondary School where he studied for two years. He later joined Shibanga Mixed Secondary School in Butere, where he completed his secondary education. While there, he worked so diligently and actively took part in interschool science competitions that earned notable awards, catapulting his ambition of becoming a successful person in the society. He graduated from secondary school in 2017 where he scored a C Plain of 44 points. 

Malack says that his lifelong dream and passion was to become a teacher. In 2018, he joined Jerusa. Teachers Training College in Butere Sub County, Kakamega County. He again served as the Vice Chairman of the Students Council leading his institution to successful intercollege co-curricular activities.  

Malack did his teaching practice at Shibanga and Buchenya Primary schools in 2019 and 2020 respectively, which gave him hands-on experience in passionately handling school children. He successfully completed his course with a credit rank in 2020. 

Malack comes from the Kijana Global Innovation School neighborhood in Sabatia, Kakamega County, Kenya. His first encounter with it was through the Vice President of Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative; Mrs. Ebby Shiroya who offered his father a block making tender for constructing the school. This enabled him to pay Malack’s college fees and to sustain his family during the tough Covid-19 pandemic. His father also has two students in the school in grades 1 and 5. 

Malack got an opportunity to work at the school as a construction worker, helping his father in making the blocks that he had perfectly mastered through an apprenticeship. Malack, being a trained teacher, was deeply interested in being part of the teaching fraternity that is shaping the education trajectory of the prestigious school that he had helped construct and fallen in love with. To him, it was a dream.  

In 2021, he sought to volunteer as a teacher at his dream school; Kijana Global Innovation School. Luckily, he was absorbed in it. Today, he proudly teaches Mathematics, Hygiene, and Science here, a dream come true. He finds the school environment so beautiful that no other school in western Kenya can match it. He says that the teaching resources here are simply the best blended with a team of well trained, experienced and dedicated teachers that guarantee your child quality education. He smiles happily; a clear indication of how he enjoys this environment as he heads to prepare for his next class.

Tom Wakhutu Bulimo was born in 1991 in Taragwa Estate in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County. He is the fourth born in a family of five siblings. 

Tom joined St. Patrick’s School in 1997 and graduated in 2005 with an outstanding 349 out of 500 marks. He then joined Uasin Gishu High School from 2006 and studied here to 2008. In 2009, he sat for his national exams at St Paul’s School Kakamega County and scored a remarkable C Plus.

Tom later enrolled at St. Joseph’s Teachers Training College in 2010 where he pursued a P1 teaching course. At the college, he gained important leadership skills by serving as the Secretary General of the students’ governance body. He graduated in August 2012 as a full-fledged teacher with a Credit rank of 21 points.

After graduation, Tom taught English/Literature at St. Peter’s Girls High School between 2013 and 2016. He later went to Wendani Schools Nairobi, where he taught English language and Christian Religious Education (C.R.E) till the year 2020. 

In January 2021, Tom got a chance to teach at the quickly rising Kijana Global Innovation School, which is located in Butere; his home Sub County, after a successful interview process. Here, Tom passionately teaches Music and Arts in Grades 3 and 4, C.R.E in Grade 4 and class 6, and English language in Grade 3. 

Tom says that the classes here are safe, spacious, well ventilated and conducive for learning and the students are exposed to practical based global learning that is well fused with the Competency Based Curriculum Syllabus of Kenya.  

He says that the intrinsic desire of the Kijana Global Innovation School’s founder; Mr. James P. Cummings, to bring Global Education to rural Western Kenya is a great inspiration to him. 

Tom states “Each day, I feel happy to be part of the team that is making this great institution a giant global centre of academic excellence through passing valuable knowledge and skills to our learners, where they become globally competitive, creative and innovative.”

Julius, the first born in a family of 3 siblings, was born in Esiarambatsi village, in Emuhaya Constituency in Western Kenya. He is married and has three children.

He joined Ebusiloli Primary School in 1991 and graduated in 1999, with a score of 366 out of 700 marks in the national examinations. He then joined Ebusiloli Secondary in 2000 but dropped out in 2001 due to lack of school fees. Julius later joined Ebunangwe Boys High School and graduated in 2003 with a C Plain grade. In 2008, he joined St. Joseph’s Teachers Training College where he pursued a P1 certificate course in Education.  He graduated in 2010 after specializing in Mathematics and Sciences.

Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative kickstarted Julius’ teaching career by paying for his teaching services at Ebusiloli Primary School from 2012 to 2014. He taught Mathematics and Science in grades 3 and 8, where he helped to catapult the academic performance from below average to a steady above average performance. He served the school with dedication up to 2019. 

Julius’ is now a teacher at our Kijana Global Innovation School, in Butere constituency, in Kakamega county; an opportunity he got in December 2019, after going through a successful application and interview process. Here, he teaches Mathematics, Physical Education, Creative Art, and Christian Religious Education for grade 1 and 2. He is the head of Evaluation and Assessment and also heads the Mathematics department at the school.

He says that this is a unique global school with the best learning and teaching material, best school infrastructure in Western Kenya, and best qualified and experienced teachers. He is proud to be part of the team that is taking Kenyan education global through the Kijana Global Innovation School, a perfect learning environment for your child. Welcome.

Now nicknamed as ‘Teacher Sam’ by pupils at the Kijana Global Innovation School, Samwel was born in 1987 in Enyahela village, in Ipali location, Emuhaya Constituency of Western Kenya, Africa. He is the fifth born in a family of 8 siblings. He is a man married with 4 children; 3 boys and 1 girl. He is a humble, composed man full of friendly smiles. 

He schooled at Ebbiba Primary from 1997 to 2004 where he scored 265 out 500 marks in eighth grade. He then joined Esibila Secondary School from 2005 to 2006. He went on to complete his high school education at Essong’olo Secondary School in 2008. 

In 2014, Sam joined St. Michael Trinity Teachers Training College in Eregi, and graduated in 2015 with a certificate in Early Childhood Development Education (E.C.D.E), with a Credit rank. He furthered his education from the same institution in 2016 and graduated with a Diploma in E.C.D.E, with a Credit rank. In Kenya, E.C.D.E course is taken by almost 90% female students. However, Sam says that he was inspired by an internal urge to build the academic foundation for young learners.  He was the only male ECDE student in a class of 78 students in his first semester of his first year. Sam has a passion for E.C.D. education and says that he plans to further his studies to the highest level possible. 

He was a dependable E.C.D.E teacher at Neema Grace Christian School, in Luanda Constituency from 2016 to 2019. He was the pupils’ favorite, their role model and a father figure. 

Sam is now the ECDE teacher at our Kijana Global Innovation School, in Butere Constuency in Kakamega County, in western Kenya, after a highly successful interview.  Sam enjoys his profession.  He loves working with the children and they love him too. He says that he knew the school through Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative Facebook page, and that he is grateful to be a teacher at this prestigious Global Innovation school.  He acknowledges that the school has the best school infrastructure, learning and teaching material, and a tranquil environment conducive for learning that cannot be matched by any other in Western Kenya. All are welcome.

Phyllis was born in 1988 in Ichangi village, Sabatia Sub County within Vihiga County in Kenya. Her family comprises her mother and her two siblings. She lost her father in 2002 from a tragic road accident. She is married and has three children.

In 1996, she started schooling at Kabiro Primary School in Nairobi. In 2004, she transferred to Wandega Primary School in Vihiga County. She sat for her final national primary exams here and scored an excellent 301 out of 500 marks. 

Phyllis began her secondary education at Sanatan School Department in 2005, in Nairobi County. The same year she secured a sponsorship for her education at Akiba School, where she studied until 2007 when it ended. While here, she learned the French language for 3 years. She then transferred to Bugina Secondary School in Vihiga County in 2008 where she sat for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. She scored a C minus grade of 36 points.  

Phyllis was also a very talented girl and represented her school in successful national music and drama competitions in Kenya. She has several accolades to her name that she won at various stages of the competitions.  

She pursued a teaching career at Butere Early Childhood Development Education College from 2014 to 2016. She graduated with a Credit rank of 22 points. She has over 5 years of teaching experience from Junior Academy in Khwisero, Kakamega County, where she taught from 2014 to 2020. She taught French and Environmental Studies and was also the Head of Music and Drama. Phyllis is also a trainer of Early Childhood Development Education (E.C.D.E) teachers at Butere E.C.D.E College during school breaks. 

She joined Kijana Global Innovation School in January 2021, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience for the students to benefit from. Phyllis currently teaches Literacy, English and Religious Education in Grade 1, Environmental Studies in Grade 2, Kiswahili language in Grade 3, and French in Grades 3 and 4. As a passionate and multi-talented teacher, she heads the Music and Drama Department in the school. Her work is reflected in some of the outstanding performances from students like the famous Maasai Cultural Dance now uploaded on Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative YouTube channel. 

Phyllis says that she is driven by her passion to nurture children through education and skills in preparation for successful futures of world innovators and changers. She adds that she loves the conducive environment for teaching and learning at the school and appreciates the outstanding facilities and resources that have been made available for the learners to acquire global education in rural western Kenya. Phyllis states, “creativity and Innovation has been given a top priority here for learners making our students stand out among the rest in the region and in Kenya as well. This is not only a beautiful place to be, but the best place to be”.

Wilbroda was born in 1991 in Lotego Village, Sabatia Sub-County in Vihiga County. She is the second born in a family of 5 other siblings. She joined Moses Mudavadi Primary School in 1997 to pursue her primary education. As a brilliant student, Wilbroda scored an impressive 305 out of 500 marks in her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education upon her graduation in 2004.     

Having been brought up from a humble family background, Wilbroda’s parents had big dreams for their daughter. They were determined to educate her so that she could come out successful and change their family situation. They enrolled her to Goibei Girls High School in 2005, for her secondary education. While there, she actively participated in co-curricular activities and was a dependable member of the environmental club. They would engage in activities such as planting trees and cleaning local markets around their school. She sat for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in 2009 and attained a C Plain rank.

She taught as a volunteer teacher at her village school; Mululu Primary School, after graduating from high school as a way of giving back to a community that had helped bring her up. This triggered her internal inspiration to pursue teaching as a career so that she could practice professionally, and impart knowledge and skills to the young boys and girls who looked up to her as their role model to realize their academic dreams. 

In 2012, she enrolled in a teacher training course at Murang’a Teachers Training College. She graduated in 2014 with a credit rank of 30 points. Upon graduation, Wilbroda taught English and Religious Education and was also in charge of guiding and counselling at Fekija Vision School in Kayole, Nairobi County between 2015 and 2016 and Neema School in Kakamega County from 2017 to 2019. In 2020, Covid 19 took its toll and learning was stopped in Kenya to tame the spread of the virus.   

Wilbroda got a chance to teach at Kijana Global Innovation School after a successful interview process in January 2021. Here, she is a devoted and passionate teacher of English language and Christian Religious Education. She is also in charge of reading culture in the school. 

Wilbroda says that she is motivated to give her best at this great school in bringing change in the minds of her learners while inspiring them to become self-driven, independent, creative and innovative thinkers, who will push through life positively and become international minded scholars as the days and months and years go by.

Wilbroda states, “It is an exciting experience taking learners through Global learning materials and watching them broaden their skills and minds each and every day at this prestigious school. I am grateful to the KIjana President Mr. James P. Cummings and his friends for making it possible for these education thirsty children of rural Western Kenya to have access to such global knowledge and skills that are passed to them at the Kijana Global Innovation School.”

Solomon hails from Mwituha village in Emuhondo Sub location in Emuhaya Constituency in Western Kenya. He attended Ilungu primary school from 1999 to 2007, where he scored a remarkable 325 out 500 marks in his national grade eight exams. He joined Ebunangwe Boys High School from 2009 to 2011. He later joined Sigalame High School in Busia County, where he graduated in 2013 with a B plain grade of 64 points.

Solomon is grateful that Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative paid some of his school fees at Sigalame school when he needed the help most. He says that the opportunity gave him the inspiration to work hard in order to help change his and the lives of others in need in the future. 

He joined Maseno University in 2014 and graduated in 2018 with a degree of Bachelor of Education Arts; Geography Kiswahili combination. He also holds a diploma in Bible Studies from Bible Discovery school in Ruiru, in Nairobi. Solomon is currently pursuing a diploma course in education management at Maseno University.

With a wealth of knowledge, and passion to serve the community, Solomon is now a teacher of Kiswahili language, Christian Religious Education and Environmental Activities for grade 1 and 2 pupils at our Kijana Global Innovation School. He is also the head of the portfolio program in the school. He says that he loves the conducive environment for learning and teaching, and the unique global school infrastructure, rare to find in these parts of the country. He contends that this is the best place for learners in Kenya, Africa and beyond. It is a globally connected school that greatly advances opportunities for your child. Karibu! Welcome!

Stephen is the second to last born in a family of six siblings. He was born in 1988 in Esabalu village in Luanda constituency in Western Kenya. He is married and is a father to 2 lovely boys; Washington and Gideon.

Stephen was schooled at Khwiliba Primary School between 1999 and 2006. He scored an impressive 331 out of 500 marks on the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education national exams in 2006. Stephen then joined Khwiliba Secondary where he graduated in 2010 with a C Plus mean grade.

In 2012, Stephen joined Mosoriot Teachers Training College, where he pursued a P1 Certificate Course. While there, he managed to comfortably score a credit of 19 points during his graduation year, in 2014.

Stephen started his teaching career in 2014 by teaching History and Kiswahili up to 2018. He served as the class teacher for Form 4. Stephen’s desire to change his teaching environment and gain more experience, landed him at Esunga Mission School in Maseno. While there, he served as the Class teacher for Form Two.   

Stephen then secured a teaching chance at the amazing Kijana Global Innovation School in January, 2021, after a successful interview. He teaches Kiswahili and Environmental activity in Grade One, English, Arts and Crafts, Movement in Grade Two and Religious Activity in Grade Three. He says that these are his favorite subjects, and that he enjoys teaching the students here.

Stephen says that he was motivated to become a teacher because education helps to propel students to many other amazing dream careers. He says that this has been his internal dream since when he was in Class three. Stephen says that for someone to become academically brilliant, they have to go through the hands of a listening and caring teacher.

While at this impressive Kijana Global Innovation School, he enjoys its uniqueness, especially the best international learning and teaching materials available. The school also has modern spacious classes, with dedicated and innovative teachers who ensure that the students get quality education as they discover, become explorative and innovative. 

He is very grateful to the Kijana President Mr. James P. Cummings and his team for bringing this important educational investment to Sabatia in Western Kenya. “A school is like an industry which runs the economy of an area. So many young people have gotten employment opportunities here as teachers or other support staff. He says that he is happy and privileged to be a teacher at this great global school.”

Pamela Odira Nyagowa is a very experienced, well-organized and dedicated teacher. Her class is with no doubt the best decorated in the school. She was born in 1971 in Konyaluo village, Karachuonyo ward, Rachuonyo Sub County, Homabay County. She is the fifth born in a family of 9 other siblings. In 1993, she got married to Daniel O. Oketch and they are blessed with three lovely children; Vivian, Loraine and Brillian.

Pamela grew up at a time when education for a girl in Kenya and Africa was not given much attention. She started schooling at age nine at Nyakango Primary School and completed her primary education in 1988. A year later, she joined Moi Girls High School in Eldoret for her secondary education. She sat for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in 1992 at the same school. 

Growing up, Pamela says that her ambition was always to become a teacher. This strong intrinsic motivation led her to join Montessori Teachers College in Mombasa in 2000 to pursue her Early Childhood Development Education (E.C.D.E) degree. She successfully graduated in 2001. 

She began her teaching career at Shanzu Preparatory School where she taught for 2 years. She later moved to Kisumu County in 2002 where she loyally taught at Temudo Primary School as an E.C.D.E teacher till 2020. During her 19 years of teaching at Temudo, she served as the Head of E.C.D.E and is remembered as a loving and affectionate teacher who facilitated great personality development in junior learners. 

Pamela furthered her education between 2014 and 2015 when she joined Monao Teachers Training College in Kisumu County to pursue a certificate course in Integrated Thematic. She graduated with a remarkable credit rank of 25 points in 2015. 

In January 2021, Pamela secured an opportunity to teach at the incredible Kijana Global Innovation School after her successful interview. She teaches Pre-Preparatory Two class at the school. She heads the E.C.D.E Literature, Environmental, Guiding and Counselling and Welfare departments. She is also an active participant in music and poetry at the school. 

She says that she was super excited to get this amazing chance in a great school that is based on the principles of exploration, discovery and innovation. “This is a perfect opportunity for me to share my knowledge and skills with the learners and to contribute positively to their future dreams and aspirations through laying a solid academic foundation.” Pamela adds that despite the beautiful conducive environment for learning, the school is unique in the sense that the teachers use a child-centered practical approach in disseminating knowledge which makes the students here quick learners, innovative and super brilliant.

Modestar was born in 1980 in Malinya Village, Shirumba Ward, Ikolomani Sub County, Kakamega County. She is the third born in her family. She is married and blessed with two girls and one boy.

She started her primary education at Muraka Primary School in 1988. She later transferred to Malinya Primary School in 1991 where she graduated in 1996. She served as Deputy Head girl and later as the Head girl. She then joined Shikokho Secondary School in 1997 and graduated in 2000. She played soccer and was the athlete to beat while in high school.   

Modestar says that she always had the passion to teach. She would admire how elegant her female teachers were and how they carried themselves with decorum while passing on knowledge and valuable skills to the students. She would visualize herself doing the same, inspiring young boys and girls. 

She joined Eregi Teachers Training College in 200,3 but her parents could not raise the money required for her to sit for her final exams, prompting her to drop out since girl child education was not given much priority in those days. 

In 2013, Modestar completed her proficiency exam at the Shanzu Business School. She trained for an Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) course from 2014 to 2016 at the above named institution. She scored a credit rank of 27 points upon her graduation in January 2016.   

She has taught before at Nairobi Trinity Angel Academy in Umoja, Jabez Bethel in Malindi, Nyali Primary School in Mombasa County and Premier Malindi School in Kilifi County. 

From 2018 to 2019 she served as an ECDE teacher at Ebubala Primary School in Kakamega County and also served as the head of the Guiding and Counselling Department. She taught the same at Boston School in Butere, Kakamega County. 

In early 2021, Modestar secured a teaching opportunity at Kijana Global Innovation School where she passionately teaches the Play Group class of students. 

Modestar loves the environment and the modern resources that are used to pass knowledge and skills across the school. She states, “This is the best school in Western Kenya because parents can be sure that their children will acquire global knowledge and skills. May God bless the school founder and President of Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative; Mr. James P. Cummings for coming up with such a great resourceful center in this community.”


Damary was born in Shitali village in Butere Sub County in Kakamega County in 1979. She says that she loved cooking since growing up as a young girl. She also likes watching movies and she says that her favorite movie is ‘The Titanic.’

Damary joined Buchenya Primary School in 1987 and graduated in 1995 with a score of 350 out of 700 marks in the national examinations. She then joined Lihrembe girls secondary in 1996 and graduated in 1999. In 2001, she joined Intraglobal Training Institute where she trained for a certificate course in Hotel and Catering Management.

She worked as a kitchen attendant at Kilimoni Secondary School as a kitchen attendant from 2002 to 2003. She then worked as a sales lady at House of Manji (biscuits’ company) from 2004 for 2 years. She later worked at Regal Press in Industrial area, Nairobi as a tea girl from 2006 to 2011. 

She was appointed as a cook in December 2019 at the Kijana Global Innovation School. She says that she is lucky to serve at this prestigious global school in a tranquil remote setting, and super conducive for every learner.

Phoebe was born in Konyowo village, in Ugenya Sub County in Siaya County in the Lake Victoria region in Kenya. She is married and has 2 children. 

In 2001, She went to St. Mary’s Primary school in Nakuru and graduated in 2008 with a 290 out of 500 marks score in the national exams. She then joined St. Mary’s Girls high school in Nakuru in 2009 for her secondary education and graduated in 2012 with a C plus grade. Phoebe then joined FPFK Institute in Nakuru, where she pursued a computer studies course. She later joined Ujima College for 2 years where she pursued a proficiency secretarial course. 

She is currently serving as the Secretary of our Kijana Global Innovation School after having been appointed in December 2019. She previously worked as the secretary at the Royal City Hotel in Nakuru from 2014 for 5 years.

Her primary role is performing secretarial duties at the Kijana Global Innovation School, which includes receiving, meeting and greeting school stakeholders, responding to school telephone calls, and preparing school reports as required, among other duties.

News and Events

Our School

Kijana School Opening

We opened our Kijana Global Innovation School with 15 students on January 13, 2020.  Five teachers served as our inaugural faculty.   The school was still in the process of being constructed, yet our students and their families were eager to be part of such a special and growing school. From the beginning, classrooms were much more spacious than area schools and the rooms were clean and with only 15 students, the five experienced teachers were able to provide significant individual attention to learners. By March 13th, when all schools in Kenya were closed due to the pandemic, student enrollment had risen to 28.  Since the school has closed, we have continued to provide students with resources to learn at home.  We have additionally provided families and other community members with care packages of food, soap, and masks to assist them during these challenging times.

Emergent School Culture

We had only just begun to develop a lively and comfortable learning environment for our students when the pandemic forced all schools to close.  We are continuing to develop an environment where learners explore, play, interact with their peers and adults in a safe environment for development. We have a comfortable playground, very spacious classrooms with inviting furniture, many contemporary children’s books and beautiful kid’s carpets.  We are developing plans to incorporate manipulatives, such as LEGO, into a structured learning environment with the goal of ultimately developing a robotics team.  Each student has access to reading material at present and we are diligently developing a literary culture.  We believe strongly that the physical learning space is extremely important. Students learn and feel comfortable, as we all do, in beautiful, inviting places. Consequently, we have unique public art already established on the school campus and will be developing wonderful artistic displays throughout the school in order to encourage the development of student creativity and expression. Students will ultimately be invited to create their own artistic expressions which will be preserved over years at the school so students learn to shape and impact their community and etch their own creative mark on the future.

A Vision Realized

The Kijana Global Innovation School has been a long term goal of Kijana President James P. Cummings, who after 30 years of sustained relationship building and commitment to uplifting educational communities of western Kenya and beyond, has succeeded in opening the doors of the institution.  

The school is located at Sabatia-Butere, Kakamega County, at Mulusi Village, Ekero-Buyango Rd. Kenya.

The Kijana Global Innovation School has a capacity of 250 students as of mid-year 2020.  Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative, the parent NGO/Non-profit organization is developing a robust financial aid program to serve many of the capable, but underserved youth of the local community as it grows.  President James P. Cummings intends to develop the school into the most advanced academic K-12 institution in the three-county region of Kakamega, Siaya, and Vihiga and a model for K-12 educational development worldwide. 

Phase One of the School’s physical development was overseen by Project Manager, Ebby Shiroya. The Architect and Contractor was Jeremiah Awori, and the site plan initial layout was the vision of Kijana Vice-President and Co-founder, Bruce Huber.  The Founding Principal is Mr. Simeon Buluku Apeli.

Help Build the School

Our Multi-year Capital Campaign

Our Kijana Global Innovation School has only been possible as a result of many generous donors.  We are in the midst of a multi-year Capital Campaign to raise the necessary funds to build this institution of wonder, exploration, inspiration and collective and individual skill development. 

Consider joining the many individuals, and foundations, who have invested in our vision and are paving the way for these incredible learning opportunities for our global youth.  

Together we are creating opportunities for youth to explore their talents, find new inspiration, seek new avenues for determination and become change-makers for the future in a variety of ways.

Click on the following link to see our Givebutter Campaign page. If interested in donating in other ways, including stock, please contact Kijana President, James P. Cummings at

Please see our Campaign page at Givebutter, at the following link.

We recognize here the initial leadership gifts and pledges of the following individuals and foundations. We will update the list as new gifts are donated. We are particularly grateful to Stephanie and John Pew, whose gift in May of 2019 of $100,000 provided us with the seed money to begin construction in earnest, launching the development of the school. 

Thank you very much to all who have contributed.

Campaign Donors

School Starter: $100,000+

Stephanie and John Pew

John and Stephanie Pew Family Foundation

Kate and Geoff Cubitt

Global Citizen: $25,000+


James Bere

James Bohnen

Gail and James L. Cummings

The Progressive Education Foundation

Innovator: $10,000+

Tammie and RJ Cummings

The Endeavor Foundation

Edward & Bethel Kean Foundation

The Osprey Foundation

Suzanne and Brian Selmo

Thurston Foundation

Explorer: $5,000+

Michael B. Cummings and Karen Hyun

Marna and Phil Pier

Independent Thinker: $1000+

Elizabeth Brown

Kathy Craft

Lynne and Perry Feyk

Erika Ford

Kathleen Hudson

Koches Family Foundation

Nancy McDaniel

Joseph and Mary Merchant

Kevin Pearson

Megan Sarnecki

Jack and Anita Scarola

Priyesh Shah

Ariel Shibilski

Lekshmi and Nanda Venu

David Watterson

Aaron Wielenberg

Griot/Storyteller: $500+

Catherine Broadhead

Rohit Dandiya

Jean Hanson

Kathleen Hudson

Margaret Lawler

Ann Mommsen

Robert Simpson

Dan Tighe

Bridge Builder: $100+

Hailey Albergo

Nancy Anderson

Terri Auchter

Julia Augustine

Hyacinthia Becton

The Began Family

Dawn Benbow

John Billingsley

Ethan Bloomberg

Rebecca Bush

Nick Chimerakis

Ben Clark

Marsha Cummings

Molly Cummings

Susan Duncan

Allen Eyestone

Joyce Farling

Tiffany Felician

Richard L. Fleischer

Erika Ford

Robert Gass

Martha Gilbert

Daniel Goggin

Marianne Gold

Matt and Kathryn Goldberger

Brian Hammer

Hershman Family

Nancy Hill

Lee Hooks

Bruce Huber

Gary Huber

Steve Hunt

Andrew Isaacson

Benjamin Isaacson

Matthew Inbusch

Marcia Jacobwitz Lederman

Karen Jape Braun

Scott Kattenbraker

Sheryl Kittrell

David Koerner

Paul Lawler

Scott Lockhart

Mark Madison

John McAvoy

Paul McAvoy

Leslie McBride-Salmon

Johnny B. McKenzie

Everett McKinney

Christine Meserve

Alison Morris

Jeanne Nolle

Kim Ogadhoh

Rhinah Ondiso

Ruth Ostrom-Becker

Brian Patterson

Ruth Petzold

Travis Pew

Dan and Tom Pier

James Pier

Katharine Raphael

Linda and Ron Ream

Ashlee Richman

Robert Rickert

Chris Roemer

Elisabeth Romfh

Rebecca Ryan

Gretchen Schaefer

Alexandra Sexton-Milligan

Ebby Shiroya

Eunice Simindu

Jerry H. Steinberg

Angela Szuminski

Dan Tighe

Hansel Tookes

Lussy Wamboi

Debra Watkins

Joe Watson

Jamie Weinstein

Marion White 

Camille Wilson

Elizabeth Young

Joseph Zeidman

Helen and Chet Zientek