Recognizing Students Advancing to Kakamega County Stage of National Music Competition

Written by Jim Cummings |

June 15, 2024

Akili ni nywele kila mtu ana zake

“Wisdom is like hair; everyone has his/her own.”

At the Kijana Global Innovation School, we appreciate, value, and encourage exploration of individual gifts and talents. Every person is unique. No one who has ever lived and who ever will live had or will have the exact personality, talents, looks, and gifs that each of our students has (and anyone else, of course). We see our mission as providing an environment where each of these singular gifts to humanity will explore and discover and enrich themselves, along with others, so as to be lifelong learners on the journey of life. We are building a culture of caring for each other, sharing with each other and exploring our environment to build communities of growth and advancement. See the smiles as our students collaborate and compete in self and community flowering.

Trevoo Adrian Muga and Clffford Grayson with an eshimuka, a Luhya instrument. 

Grade 3 students from L to R: Hadassah Eunice, Venessa Awinja, Mitchel Amwayi, Faith Rajula, Gloria Dwiti, Ariel Israel, Merg Amakobe, Jabali Dindi, Pebble Happenings Ochieng, Wema Tevie, Will Biko, Roosevelt Mandela, Fidel Ochenja, Hernan Ocholi, Marrinelx

Teachers from L to R: Wilbroad, Moses Wamala, Julius Ngota

Junior Secondary School students Grades 7 & 8 

Front Row from L to R: Fredrick Anud (8), Hezron Amune (8), Kim Bardka (8), Amelia Mayark (7), Natasha Laurah (8), Regan Mahero (7), Kelvin Hjuguna (7), Wilfred Makomede (7)

Back row L to R: Jane Kajumbi (8), Susan Anyango (8), Shalom Joy (7), Clara Nasonga (7), Belinda Were (8), Shamim Muaro (8), Teacher Mathew, Martha Nalianya (8), Blossom A Prospers (7), Teacher Julius Ngota

Front row from L to R: Caren Ongachi (7), Martha Nalianya (5), Natasha Laurah (8), Amelia Matara (7), Penina Chelegat – Scout Dress (5)

Back row from L to R: Vission Omwaka (7), Glevin Natalie (7), Shalom Joy (7), Jose (Driver) – Joseph Makdktia, Teacher Mathew Were, Joy Obora (7), Teacher Julius Ngota, Ashley Jisictio (8), Teacher Samwel Etole

PP2 students from L to R: Alexa Rose, Lesly Chleohas, Arter Andika, Nice Precious, Angel Peris, Shaquille Amahic, Faith Hope Ngota, Darcy Jeroboni, Penzi Katelline, Briela Moraa, Rosebellah Chitesi, Tabitha Shalom

Teachers from L to R: Naomi Akonya, Julius Ngota, Samwel Etole

The following are photos of the students who scored either first or second in the subcounty competitions and are moving on to the county competitions this week. 

From L to R: Teacher Modestar Upunga, Tabitha Shalom (PP2), Teacher Samwel Etole

Tabitha Shalom – PP2

From L to R: Teacher Julius Ngota, Natasha Laurah – Grade 8, Teacher Mathews Were

Naila Rashid – Grade 2

From L to R: Teacher Julius Ngota, Annointed Dwayne (PP1), Teacher Samwel Etole

Fostune Shiundu and Kalya Dinah with violins at school. We are adding new and unique instruments to the area to our school program. 

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