Mwituha Amphitheater

Kenyan Schools Assisted:

  • Ebusiloli Primary School
  • Ebusiloli Secondary School
  • Mwituha Secondary School
  • Mwituha Primary School
  • Ebusamba Primary School
  • Essaba Secondary School
  • Essaba Primary School
  • Mumboha Primary School
  • Esirulo Primary School
  • Ebbiba Primary School
  • Ebukuya Primary School
  • Essumba Primary School
  • Lwanda Primary School

Kijana has assisted over 30 schools in Kenya over the past fifteen years.

Mwituha Secondary School and Ebusiloli Secondary and Primary schools have received the most significant investments. Ebusiloli has begun to enter an era in which each year they send at least one student to the university. Alumni are also graduating from universities and returning to assist the school.

Prior to our consistent assistance, it was rare for the school to have so many students attending university. Enrollment has also skyrocketed – from around 100 in 998 (when we began active involvement with The Benjamin School cross-country team fundraiser – Kijana’s predecessor) to over 450 students now.

At present, we are investing heavily in Mwituha Secondary School, which had been closed for 20 years prior to our restoration efforts in early 2006. Mwituha is approaching an enrollment of 100 students – most of whom would not be in school at all were it not for the school’s renaissance. We have just completed building a science laboratory for the school which is sure to be a landmark in Western Kenya.

We built connections between students in Kenya at our various schools and students in the United States through pen-pal initiatives. Students in the Upper and Lower schools at The Benjamin School wrote letters to their global peers in Kenya and students from the schools wrote to them. Freshman world history students at Newburyport High School in Newburyport MA undertook a similar initiative, writing to students at Ebusiloli Secondary School. The Newburyport students also initiated a “Kash for Kenya” drive, raising several hundred dollars to assist students in Kenya.

Kijana School Founded

The Kijana Global Innovation School - Opened January 2020

Breaking Ground in 2023 - Library and Media Center

Harpreet Dhaliwal was a 7th and 8th grade student of Kijana President, James P. Cummings, at The Prairie School, in Racine, WI. Dhaliwal and Dameron have been collaborating with our team for several months now in designing a unique and functional space that will allow students to explore, discover and innovate. Dhaliwal has been recognized for her architectural designs in public space. She played key roles in the design of the LEED Platinum comfort station in Washington Square Park, the New York Hall of Science Playground and the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation Headquarters and is presently involved in notable NYC public space developments.

Christopher Dameron’s award-winning firm, Dameron Architecture specializes in “ecology-inspired designs and adaptive resuse.” They design “beautiful spaces, fantastical and expressive buildings and living landscapes that connect people to nature.” Our students will have an expressive building connected to nature that encourages individual and collective expression.