Refurbishing the Creative Design of the Global Innovation School

Written by Jim Cummings |

May 7, 2024

One of the innovative hallmarks of our Kijana Global Innovation School is the creative and artistic design of the school environment. Our unique zigzag classroom design, ideated by Kijana Vice-President, Bruce Huber and created with the oversight of Kijana architect, Jeremiah Awori, forms a foundation for architectural creativity. Our school is also home to numerous creative educational murals, recycled glass art and furniture from Nani’s Kitengela Glass and Anselm’s Kitengela Glass and a flourishing green landscape full of trees and flowers. In the last few weeks, local artist, Jesse Otukho, has continued his restoration of some of the previous collaborative works. This time, he completely repainted the original set of biomes murals, which were losing their luster. The newly refreshed series adds to the beauty and inspirational environment of the school. I believe that beautiful educational surroundings contribute to a significantly enhanced student experience, adding energy, creativity, and optimism to learning. This view was enhanced and strengthened by my early teaching experience at The Prairie School, in Racine, WI, where a premium is placed on creative architecture, the arts and aesthetics. 

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