Celebrating Our Anthem Awards with the Team in Kenya

Written by Jim Cummings |

May 7, 2024

We are proud and grateful, as mentioned in previous communications, that for the second year in a row, Kijana is an anthem award winner. This year, however, instead of a single Silver Award for our Care, Share and Explore program, we won SIX awards (three silver awards and three community voice awards). The three silver awards were for the Kijana Global Innovation School, the Care, Share and Explore program, and for the Kijana Heroes poster series. For each award, we also won a Community Voice award, for getting the most votes of support from our grassroots supporters. We shared the news with our team in Kenya and brought the silver statuettes over from the United States to share with our team. As you can see, our team members are joyful for the recognition. Thank you to all of you who have contributed to allow us to build Kijana, the school, and our unique and powerful educational programs. 

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