Beautiful, Engaging, Interactive: Creating a School of Flourishing Minds and Spirits in a Nurturing, Green Environment

Written by Jim Cummings |

May 7, 2024

I, James P. Cummings, recently read the book, Life is Messy, by Matthew Kelly. In a chapter titled, “Amazing”, he writes,

“Everyone who really cares about you wants you to flourish. Someone who is flourishing is full of vitality…Flourishing is beyond happiness. It is produced not only by a person’s choices and actions, but also by a nurturing environment specifically designed to bring it about… And don’t men and women of goodwill want this for everyone, even the people they don’t know and will never meet?”

This is what we aim to build at the Kijana Global Innovation School, an environment specifically designed for student and community flourishment. Thank you to all of you, people of goodwill, who are generously giving to others, who you don’t know and will never meet. While we hope you will meet some people here and invite you to meet our community members, together, partners from far away, we are building a more flourishing world. Pictured below right, is Shalim Ruth, who holds a copy of a book donated by the St. Vincent Ferrer School in Delray Beach, Florida. The school donated hundreds of copies of this series on various scientific concepts. We are using them to supplement the regular curricular books. Thank you to all of you, and there are so many who have contributed in various ways to developing this unique and thriving school. 

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