Tens of Thousands of Tree Seeds Planted at Primary Schools in Buchenya

Kijana has launched a major endeavor in the past month.  Inspired by the backing of the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters of Wheaton, Illinois, we developed a multi-pronged “Care, Share and Explore” program connecting youth with nature in many ways, including tree planting. Appropriately, as this month is celebrated as “Care of Creation” month, we are hustling […]

Wellington Town-Crier shares Kijana Story

We are grateful to the Wellington Town-Crier for sharing our Kijana story.  Read the following story of how we are building an amazing and innovative institution in western Kenya.  It is now approaching a 35 year progression to develop our Kijana Global Innovation School. We are grateful the multitudes of individuals and groups who have […]

Kijana student fundraiser’s work recognized by local news

Tesia Shibilski, who set up a page as part of our Kijana Mary Fields Bus Campaign, raised over $13,000, playing a huge role in our ability to order and obtain a new bus for our Kijana Global Innovation School. We expect the new bus to be delivered by late June. The new bus will allow […]

Collaborative Art Endeavor Continues

KIjana’s innovative cross-continental artistic collaboration continues, with the recent addition of the “explore, discover, innovate” painting on the “sink wall” of the upper toilet block. Palm Beach County artist, Claire Salmon designed the work, which represents a key element of our educational philosophy: the process of individual and collective innovation, which evolves through exploration and […]

Pioneering Kijana beneficiary well into teaching career

I am Elphas Onyango Otanga, a beneficiary of Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative in the rural Western Kenya, in Africa. I’m the sixth born in a family of eight; that is my parents and five siblings. I knew Kijana while schooling at Ebusiloli Primary School in my home area. As an organization, Kijana was sponsoring my […]

A Kijana Success Story: Lucy Ong’ayo

I am the last born in a family of 6. I grew up in Essaba village of Luanda Constituency in Western Kenya, Africa. My humble background while growing up, awakened my ambition of a becoming a better person in the future. I went to Mulwakhi Primary School, in Essaba.  Mulwakhi is a local dialect that […]

Successful Soap Campaign Brings Soap to Communities

A Big Thank you to all our donors who contributed to our Kijana Soap Campaign in April and early May. We raised just over $13,000 ( $3,000 over our $10,000 goal) from 146 donors.  Over 90 of the donors were new donors and we are so grateful for joining our Kijana community during this difficult […]

Kijana Initiates Unique Global Artistic Collaboration

While national borders are shut down and the world disconnects in many ways, Kijana has inaugurated a unique artistic partnership amongst two young global talents: Palm Beach County graphic artist, Claire Salmon, and Jesse Otukhu, of western Kenya.  Envisioned by Kijana President and Executive Director, James P. Cummings, and Artistic designer, Claire Salmon, the five- […]

Stationery and Backpack Distribution Collaboration with Soweto Youth Initiative

Early in January, we collaborated with one of our key partners, Soweto Youth Initiative of Nairobi, to distribute locally made backpacks and stationery to youth in the highly economically challenged community of Soweto, in Kahawa West, Nairobi.  Working with our local partners and entrepreneurs, we contracted out to have 100 backpacks made and then in […]