Kijana Turns 21 in September

Twenty-one years ago in September, we registered Kijana in the state of Florida. We have come a long way since then. It has been a journey, a journey of exploration in changing lives. Four years ago this month, we started construction on the first classroom buildings. Today we have a beautiful school of 183 students […]

Kijana volunteer, Mildred Acosta named Teacher of the Year by Palm Beach Illustrated

We are happy to share the exciting news that Rosarian Academy teacher, Mildred Acosta, was recently named Educator of the Year in the private school category for Palm Beach County by Palm Beach Illustrated magazine. In the 2023-24 school year, there are 146 private schools in the county, which serve over 31,000 students. Mrs. Acosta […]

Andre Madison Returns and Finds New Collaborative Partners in Music and Exploration

Andre Madison, a 2023 graduate of Lawrence University in Appleton, WI, who volunteered in the summer of 2022, returned to the Kijana Global Innovation School in the last few weeks to continue teaching music and share time and experiences with members of our school community. Working mostly with our new music and karate teacher, Matthews […]

Temporary Library Coming Together

We are excited to share with you the news that we have turned the extra classroom in the Gail and James Cummings Junior Secondary School Building (which we won’t need as a classroom until January 2025) into a temporary library to house our collection of books and provide a more appropriate and accessible room for […]

Kijana Teachers Beautify Classrooms with Creative Inspiring Messages

Kijana’s talented and energetic teaching team has been busy creating the best learning environment possible for our students. Self-made classroom posters with positive and uplifting messages have been developed and displayed.  Note the picture which includes the messages: “Good friends play together, listen, help each other, tell stories, (are) kind, and care.”  We can learn […]

Summer Brings Visitors with Ideas, Resources and Collaborative Spirit

The Kijana Global Innovation School and the Mulusi Village communities were blessed this summer to host thirteen visitors from the larger Scarola family of Palm Beach County, Florida (including members of the Hansen, Bischoff and Kirk families). They spent a week volunteering at the school and in the community and infused additional cross-cultural collaborative spirit […]

Karate Comes to the Kijana Global Innovation School

As part of our quest to bring a variety of learning experiences to our students, we recently introduced karate, under the guidance of a newly hired teacher, Mr. Matthews Were. Students and the community members are happy to have this opportunity to learn a skill and art developed in another part of the world. See […]

Ten New Heroes Added to Kijana’s Poster Series

Black History Month is celebrated each year during the month of February. In recognition of this celebration, Kijana is proud to welcomed ten new honorees to our KIjana Heroes Poster series. The series now includes 60 heroes. We anticipate to add more hereos to the collection soon. See and read more about the 10 highlighted […]