Kijana Turns 21 in September

Written by Jim Cummings |

October 16, 2023

Twenty-one years ago in September, we registered Kijana in the state of Florida. We have come a long way since then. It has been a journey, a journey of exploration in changing lives. Four years ago this month, we started construction on the first classroom buildings. Today we have a beautiful school of 183 students and 35+ faculty and staff and have had over 35 international visitors over the last few years. 

At the Kijana Global Innovation School, we believe that education involves the whole person, and that ultimate learning takes place through reflection and connection and appreciation for both the natural environment and the built environment. We aim to have our students interact and collaborate with their peers within the school, at other schools and with community members. Exploring and sharing ideas and strategies advances student skills and the skills of others and strengthens and improves local, national, and global communities. 

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