Celebrating Black History Month

Written by Jim Cummings |

February 2, 2022

As we inaugurate Black History Month 2022, Kijana has successfully reached out in Palm Beach County and Florida and found school audiences for our Kijana Heroes Poster Series. On Monday January 31st, we set up 36 Heroes Posters at Rosarian Academy in West Palm Beach. On Tuesday, an exhibit of the full forty posters was launched at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County. Posters have also been distributed to Bak Middle School of the Arts, The Benjamin School, St. Vincent Ferrer School, Holy Comforter Episcopal School in Tallahassee, and will soon be delivered to Oxbridge Academy.  The city of Riviera Beach also has a set for the City Hall.

As we begin to celebrate Black History Month, we encourage you to consider all the contributions made by people of color throughout history. The human experience began in Africa and our present lives are shaped in untold ways by the heritage, cultures and advancements of Africans and people of color. At Kijana, we are grateful for the diversity of cultures and ideas and the complicated global history of idea exchange that has made the world we live in. Yet, we seek to advance society to a better future and our Kijana Global Innovation School, with an enrollment approaching 150 students, is becoming a place where students develop their skills to ultimately change the world for the better.

We appreciate those who have battled to improve life for us all, sometimes sacrificing their own life for our benefit. Each poster also brings to light inspirational character traits which should encourage youth to strive for personal and collective improvement.

Please take some time this month to reflect upon the contributions of Africans, African-Americans and people of the African diaspora throughout history and the present. We also encourage a consideration of ways we can move toward a more respectful, dynamic and collaborative future in which the talents and positive ideas of all are appreciated, advanced, and incorporated toward a better future.

Explore all forty Kijana Heroes on the Kijana website. We are also delighted as we were featured in the Palm Beach Daily News as the posters were set up at Rosarian Academy. Learn More Here.

Happy Black History Month. Let us use this month as a springboard toward reflection, inspiration and action.




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