Tens of Thousands of Tree Seeds Planted at Primary Schools in Buchenya

Written by Jim Cummings |

September 10, 2021

Kijana has launched a major endeavor in the past month.  Inspired by the backing of the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters of Wheaton, Illinois, we developed a multi-pronged “Care, Share and Explore” program connecting youth with nature in many ways, including tree planting. Appropriately, as this month is celebrated as “Care of Creation” month, we are hustling to produce 500,000 tree seedlings by October 15th. With the release this summer of the UN IPCC report which reinforces the perilous situation humanity faces and the Kenyan government’s plan to plant 2 billion trees by the end of 2022, we are taking action.  Collaborating with over 25 schools, churches and other institutions, we are providing seeds, netting and sleeving for the institutions. They create the seedbeds themselves, in a kinetic partnership, aimed at jump-starting youth and others to encourage humanity to truly engage in this struggle. Students, through their 4K Clubs, and teacher monitoring, will water the seedlings and transfer them to sleeves, before ultimately planting in the communities.  The above pictures were taken at Buchenya Primary School, in Buchenya sublocation in Kakamega County, Kenya at our seed planting day on September 10th, 2021. The youth at the top is holding a packet of seeds.  Students planted Pine and Cypress seeds in these seedbeds. We are inspiring the next generation to care for our environment as we are partners with the plants and other animals in this earthly journey.  We look forward to sharing more photos of the actual seedlings.  Thanks to our Care of Creation “Care, Share and Explore” team on the ground for making today happen. You have given life to thousands of trees, which will provide for the communities long into the future.

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