Stationery and Backpack Distribution Collaboration with Soweto Youth Initiative

Written by Kijana Admin |

May 10, 2020

Early in January, we collaborated with one of our key partners, Soweto Youth Initiative of Nairobi, to distribute locally made backpacks and stationery to youth in the highly economically challenged community of Soweto, in Kahawa West, Nairobi.  Working with our local partners and entrepreneurs, we contracted out to have 100 backpacks made and then in partnership with Soweto Youth distributed the backpacks and stationery to underserved youth of the community.  Soweto Youth is a local community driven group that is doing great work in their community.  We followed that up with more purchases of backpacks for our Kijana Global Innovation School students.  This collaboration provided multiple investments:  toward students of the communities, local entrepreneurs, who make the backpacks, and the families of both groups.  See the smiles on the student faces in the pictures.

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