Kijana Initiates Unique Global Artistic Collaboration

Written by Kijana Admin |

May 23, 2020

While national borders are shut down and the world disconnects in many ways, Kijana has inaugurated a unique artistic partnership amongst two young global talents: Palm Beach County graphic artist, Claire Salmon, and Jesse Otukhu, of western Kenya.  Envisioned by Kijana President and Executive Director, James P. Cummings, and Artistic designer, Claire Salmon, the five- part mural depicts important rationale for Ocean preservation.  Additional collaborative contributions were made by noted marine biologist, Dr. Molly Cummings, of the University of Texas- Austin.  She developed the key guiding phrase: “Thank you Oceans for cleaning our air, giving us food, cooling our world and starting life on our planet.” Local artist, Jesse Otukhu, painted Claire Salmon’s artistic design on the dividing wall- separating the welcome area from the classrooms. Environmental preservation is a key component of our school curriculum, as it is for the Kenyan ministry of Education.  We will develop youth sensitive to our shared global resource base and eager to explore and protect those resources for a sustainable present and future.  A second collaborative piece is in the works.: look for news of that soon.

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