International Architectural Team Meets and Explores Kenya

Written by Jim Cummings |

March 13, 2022

We were fortunate to host in Kenya Harpreet Dhaliwal and Chris Dameron and family. The two are the lead architectural designers in our recently formed international architectural team, designing the future library/media center and amphitheater at our Kijana Global Innovation School. After visiting the site and planning with our key local architect, Jeremiah Awori, a larger team explored Kenya together to expand on our global connections, strategize and develop our organizational bonds, while introducing the Dhaliwal/Dameron family to the larger Kenya. We travelled to Rusinga and Mfangano Islands in Lake Victoria and to the Masai Mara. The first stop was a wonderful eco-lodge, Wayando Beach Eco-lodge, on Rusinga Island. The long amazing journey to Wayando Beach Eco Lodge took about 6 hours. The team was led by Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative’s president, James Cummings. Other team members who went on the trip included: Jeremiah Awori (Kijana’s Chief Architect) and his family, Lawrence Inonda (KIjana Photographer), Linda Shiroya (Care, Share and Explore Explore-Program Coordinator-Kisumu) and Global Innovation School students; Peter, Wycliffe, Martha and Stacy. The Special guests, Harpreet Dhaliwal, Chris Dameron and their two children found a good amount of time during the journey to collaborate with Jeremiah Awori. Consequently, we have a well-bonded team emergent to develop and build a very creative modern library/media center and amphitheater. As can bee seen in the photos, Kenya is a beautiful country and the Kenyan people have preserved habitat the for wildlife, which we share the planet with. We welcome you to Kenya to explore, discover and innovate with Kijana. Human society has many challenges ahead of us. We need all the creative energy and spirited minds and hearts to build a better world in which we share with humans and wildlife.



Wayando Eco Lodge is a great haven in a quiet paradise by the shores of Lake Victoria. The resort setting is amazing and environmentally friendly. They practice permaculture and organic gardening. While there, we were served delectable and tantalizing African cuisine. We really enjoyed those meals. As our team was enjoying the view of Lake Victoria, kids on the other side were enjoying their swinging game which made them happy. One night at Wayando Eco Lodge made us yearn for more days to continue enjoying the view and services of the place. Eco lodge gave our visitors from the United States a unique experience away from home where they were using decomposit toilets which are eco-friendly. Some of the team members who had never had that experience of using a bucket and covering it with saw dust were surprised in the beginning, but they eventually got used to it. Martha, Stacy and Global Innovation School teacher Malack spent their night at the tent which was a phenomenal experience for them. Kijana teams were impressed with the idea of Wayando Eco Lodge promoting ecological alternatives in buildings, permaculture and organic farming. Wayando Eco Lodge is the best destination to spend a vacation with family.

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