February 2023 Care, Share and Explore Activities

Written by Jim Cummings |

February 7, 2023

Februrary exploratory activites have already started at the Global Innovation school. The Care, Share and Explore leadership team consisting of; Prideluck Ubagah, Mathews Musebe, Brigit Mbaria and Lawrence Inonda “hit the trails” with student groups.

On the nature trail, exploring our environment was the theme of the adventures. On February 1st, a group of 1st and 2nd graders observed and noted what they saw and heard as the explored the environment near the school campus. They made paint brushes using evergreen leaves, twigs and flowers and were shown how to use the brushes they creaated. Students drew colorful images of what they saw. They also carried bottles with them and put sand, stones or seeds in them. Students shook the bottles to create musical tones while they walked the trails.

On February 2nd, it was grades 3 and 4 who ventured out to observe nature. Students were asked to identify; what they saw in the sky, describe the weather conditions, note different water sources they encountered, and state what animals, insects and plants they witnessed. Like grades 1 and 2, the students made paint brushes and drew and colored in some of the images that impacted them during their journey.

The last group of the first week of February was, gardes 5,6 and 8. As students walked and observed, they; identified types of plants, collected leaves and parts of flowers. They also identifyed insects, observed the sky and described what they saw in it. In addition, students created “nature impressions” in clay from the leaaves, seeds, stones, twigs, etc. they collected along the way. Like other grades, they made paint brushes from what they gathered and used them to create colorful images that stood out from their expoloration.

The above experiential excursions are so beneficial and impactful to wholistic education that Kijana and the Global Innovation School fully embraces and incorporates on a practical level.  

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