New Two Story Multi-Purpose Structure in Development

Written by Jim Cummings |

November 14, 2022

We have been constructing the new two-story classroom/laboratory structure earnestly and rapidly. The vast majority of this was completed in the last month-since the first week of October. We spent August and early September preparing the ground and the initial foundational work. About 25 young men have been employed on a daily basis and the work for them is much needed as work in this area is very hard to come by. By investing in this community with school construction, it is allowing people to put their skills to work, advance their talents and obtain consistent income. As can be seen in the above photos, many materials have been needed and purchased as well, including sand, cement, gravel, rebar, timber, and much more. While the global economy has been beset with some challenges of late, the present circumstances have led to a strong dollar which is working in our favor.  The strong dollar is allowing contributions to Kijana for this project and other needed expenses to stretch far. Once completed, the combination classroom/laboratory building will house three classrooms, a science laboratory and another multi-purpose laboratory and serve as the initial fulcrum of our Junior Secondary School. It was designed in consultation with our key architectural friends, Harpreet Dhaliwal, of BKSK Architects (New York City) and Christopher Dameron, of Dameron Architecture (New York City).  Jeremiah Awori, of Vihiga County, is the lead architect and contractor on the ground and Ebby Shiroya, our multi-talented and super energetic all-around school development leader is the project manager.  Our local team is working tirelessly to make this a reality for the students. Thank you to all who have dug deep and contributed to make this new and most valuable capital resource a reality. You have boosted so many lives in meaningful ways. We need continued and immediate support to keep the work progressing. 

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