New Bus Arrives

Written by Jim Cummings |

August 16, 2022

Enrollment at the Global Innovation School continues to grow. As of mid-August, we have 157 students on campus. Transportation to-and-from the school is essential to the continued success of the school. Providing safe and reliable transportation to our Kijana students living in surrounding communities is of primary concern.

Consequently, we purchased a 47-seat bus, which was delivered and added to our fleet of transportation vehicles at the end of July. Kijana acquired our first bus (33 seat) last year (2021) and a van in 2020. The new bus will help us start increasing enrollment even more in the next several weeks.

Upon arrival of the bus, students and community members celebrated excitedly. They are proud of the buses the school has acquired. The evening that the bus arrived, Kijana President, Jim Cummings was at the gate and a student came by with his grandmother. She said, “he said I had to see the new bus.”

The bus will not only allow us to reach more communities, expanding our student body, but will allow students and teachers new opportunities for field trips, sporting events, musical and drama competitions and more. In fact, on Saturday August 20, students used the bus for the subcounty musical competition. Seven Kijana school entries (individual and team) will move to the county competitions next week. 

We are grateful to the major donors who made the bus possible. It is a major asset in advancing and growing our school community.  We are also grateful to our school Director, Ebby Shiroya, who worked tirelessly to communicate with the bus making company to ensure the bus production was on track and delivered, registered and insured properly, despite many global supply chain issues.

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