Collaboration Continues on Kijana’s Planned Library and Media Center/Amphitheater

Written by Jim Cummings |

April 20, 2022

New York architects, Harpreet Dhaliwal and Christopher Dameron recently visited our Kijana Global Innovation School and Kenya with their family to continue the collaboration process that has been in development for a year. In the above photo, the two are seen working with our local architect, Jeremiah Awori, in library design development. Also visible are the most recent renderings based upon the time spent in Kenya on the site visit and with Mr. Awori. The library/media center will be an extraordinarily unique structure for the region and beyond.

The collaboration continues, however. Harpreet Dhaliwal and Christopher Dameron are back in New York and Jeremiah Awori is in Kenya collaborating through global technology. The larger library development team continues to work as well. We are planning future fundraising events and aim to break ground in September of this year on the amazing collaborative building which will change lives long into the future. 

The Dhaliwal/Dameron architectural team is providing their time and services pro-bono. It is estimated that the value of their time and skills and advice over the time of the project from start to finish will be $250,000. Your money will be well-spent as it will go toward construction and development and furnishing and staffing of the library. Relationship building is paying dividends.

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