Kijana Global Innovation School Opening and Update

Written by Kijana Admin |

February 20, 2020

We are proud to inform our donors and supporters that we opened our new school on January 13th with 15 students.  By March 16, when all schools closed in Kenya, we had 28 students.  Our students love the school and the teachers are eagerly working with them in very small group settings.  We acquired hundreds of books, donated from abroad and purchased locally in order to provide our students with a strong and diverse resource base.  We also had just purchased a school van for transporting students when the Coronavirus challenge emerged in full force. The van will be a significant asset to the school and has already assisted us in moving our local team around safely(without relying on public transport)  during this time. 

With the temporary closing of the school as our present global crisis, we have continued construction in order to develop the most amazing school in the region (and beyond) and are developing individualized learning plans for our students while the school is closed.  Our team of teachers is working to keep the students engaged academically during this time, giving our students an advantage.  Additionally, we have already distributed a soap supply to all our students’  families to assist them in maintaining cleanliness during this time.  We are presently developing additional soap and sanitizer distribution programs. When schools reopen in Kenya, we will be ready to pick up immediately and provide creative and globally-connected education for our students in a collective setting.  We very much look forward to that day.

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