Kijana Beneficiary Serving as Inaugural Global Innovation School Principal: Meet MR. SIMEON BULUKU APELI

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June 14, 2020

Simeon Buluku Apeli, now the Inaugural Principal of Kijana’s first Global Innovation School and a talented actor was born in 1989 in Emanyonyi village, at Mulukoti area. He’s the first born in a family of three children.

He joined Ebusiloli Primary School at the age of 7. He was always his class’s top student. In his final year in the school, he was the first index. Subsequently he was the top student in the school’s national exam with an impressive 374 out 500 marks, a remarkable score coming from a rural school.

He was chosen to join the best national schools in the country, including Chavakali High School but his parents could not afford the needed fees. He consequently joined Ebunangwe High School in 2005, a much less expensive school, which was within his locality. A year later he served the school as the assistant Head boy. He then moved to Ebubayi Secondary in 2007, and graduated with a C+ grade (which is significantly above average in Kenya)  in 2008. He served as an untrained teacher at Ebubayi Primary school for 2 years perhaps sharpening his ambition of becoming a future fully fledged teacher.

Mr.Apeli, following the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who were both teachers, joined Narok Teachers Training College (TTC) based in Kenya in 2011. He graduated in 2013 with a P1 certificate, Credit 1 rank. He also holds a certificate in Education in Human Values. In addition, Mr. Apeli holds a certificate in Information Technology from Narok TTC.    

Mr. Apeli knew Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative in early 2000, when the organization was sponsoring Ebusiloli Primary school where he was studying by constructing new modern classrooms to replace the dilapidated old mud walled ones. He vividly recalls that his final class was constructed by the organization.  He adds that the organization bought stationery for the school and donated many books for young learners from the United States of America, under the stewardship of Mr. James P. Cummings, who is the organization’s President. Mr. Apeli says that these acts of kindness, motivated him to study hard in the new better environment, so that he can also give back to the society.

Mr. Apeli was appointed as the Inaugural Principal of Kijana’s inaugural Global Innovation School in December, 2019 through a successful interview. He’s driven by his passion for teaching, significant experience and willingness to serve the society. He’s a former teacher and boarding master at Sathya Sai International School.

The Kijana Global Innovation School is located in Butere within Kakamega County, in Western Kenya.  It boasts of a unique international school infrastructure, competent and registered teachers by the Teachers Service Commission of Kenya, a conducive learning environment and international linkages for advancing opportunities for your child and giving them the best knowledge. Karibu.

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