Summer Brings Visitors with Ideas, Resources and Collaborative Spirit

Written by Jim Cummings |

August 30, 2023

The Kijana Global Innovation School and the Mulusi Village communities were blessed this summer to host thirteen visitors from the larger Scarola family of Palm Beach County, Florida (including members of the Hansen, Bischoff and Kirk families). They spent a week volunteering at the school and in the community and infused additional cross-cultural collaborative spirit into the school and beyond. In advance of visiting, the extended family members teamed up to raise more than $11,000 which funded new science equipment and furniture for the temporary science lab, along with furniture for our temporary library and allowed us to invest in an improved electrical transformer. Furthermore, they arrived with loads of goodies (sports equipment, STEM resources, soccer balls, volleyballs, frisbees, games and more).

Their visit contributes to advancing a key element in our vision, building cross-cultural connections with American school communities. For Cara and Patrick Hansen, the visit was also a reunion of sorts as they had volunteered sixteen years ago at Ebusiloli Secondary School, in an informal volunteer opportunity developed through Kijana President James P. Cummings. The two have numerous connections at schools in Palm Beach County and Patrick is just starting a new position as Assistant Principal at St. Clare Elementary School, in North Palm Beach. They will share with you that they gained as much from the experience as our school students and teachers did. We are most grateful for their initiative, and exploratory and caring spirits. It is amazing how a week at the Kijana Global Innovation School can make a world of difference at both ends. 

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