Students Return for 2023 School Year

Written by Jim Cummings |

February 13, 2023

The campus is abuzz and full of life as students returned to school on January 31st. Growth is the optimal word when describing what is happening at the Global Innovation School. Enrollment numbers are rising, new teachers and staff members have been hired. Also, new courses, technology and activities are being offered to enhance the student learning experiences. In addition, ongoing campus beautification and construction of a new Junior Secondary classroom/laboratory bulding, and playground area is in full swing.

The school’s reopening included a week that involved welcoming back returning students and families, as well as admitting new students following a well-deserved holiday break. Current enrollment is 172 students, and we anticipate that number to be 200 this year. 

Here are some of the highlights from opening week and what’s new at the school. A new librarian was hired and is in the process of recording books and other curricular resources Kijana has attained for the new school year. Opening exams for our grade 8 candidates has begun. Last school year, student performance on the exams was exemplary and was validated by the scores they individually and collectively achieved. A Karate instructor and classroom teacher, Mathews Musebe was hired. Mr. Musebe began giving karate lessons to grades 1 and 2. Soon, training classes will be available to all grade levels. Karate is a new extracurricular that is designed to enrich the physical and mental well-being of our students.

This year is off to a rousing start and the students, families, local communites and communities throughout Kenya that Kijana serves will be impacted in so many positive ways as the organization and school strives to serve and fulfill its mission to serve others for the benifit of humankind and the planet we all share.

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