Ebby Shiroya: Our Kijana Global Innovation School Project Manager

Written by Kijana Admin |

November 15, 2019

As our school develops physically, we want to provide you with a glimpse of the people behind the scenes who make the buildings emerge. The key person on the ground overseeing this school development project since last May (2019) is Ms. Ebby Shiroya. Serving as our project manager, she has organized the production of the bricks, negotiated all material purchases, hiring and overseeing construction work, arranging delivery of goods, managing communication with various stakeholders. She is up early in the morning signing in workers and at the site into the evening paying workers on a daily basis. Late into the evening, she has been organizing details and paperwork and communication to keep the development of the school flowing.  Meanwhile, she keeps her other business ( a boutique in Kisumu) operating and supports her family and others.

She is a highly experienced businesswoman, having operated a restaurant and bar for over six years, owning her own taxi and “tuktuk” ( cabined motorcycle), in addition to developing a boutique which markets imported goods.  She travels frequently to Dubai, Thailand, China, Uganda, and elsewhere to purchase goods for her shop.  Moreover, she presently grows bamboo, pawpaws, beans, groundnuts, trees, bananas and other produce. 

We are fortunate to have her motivated, on the ground service to our organization and to the youth of the region.  Her business experience, skillful negotiating techniques and tremendous energy have allowed us to raise these buildings quickly and with solid, high quality construction. 

She is an example of the skilled, experienced, energetic women entrepreneurs throughout Kenya and Africa and whose talent we need to invest in to build a better future for us all.

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