Kickoff event of Emerging Kijana Campaign to be held on June 8th in Wisconsin.

We are pleased to announce that our Capital Campaign to raise funds to build the first of our Kijana Global Innovation Schools is shaping up and launching soon.  The kickoff event will be held in Racine, WI at Uncorkt on June 8th.  Kijana President James Cummings had his “kickoff” years teaching in America in Racine at The Prairie School (1989-93)  and it is alums from that era (John Billingsley and Erika Ford (Pearson)) who are organizing the event.   The receptive student audience of his Kenya and Africa stories inspired him to continue in the profession. Please see the invite here.  More events will be held over the next year in various locales.  Join us in making this awesome vision a reality.

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