Boom in Ebusiloli Alums at University

Ebusiloli Secondary School- our flagship secondary school- is seeing a large expansion of students going on to the University. This is a direct result of our longterm and sustained commitment to the school. In the early 2000s, Ebusiloli was sending at most one student a year on to university. Today at least 14 Ebusiloli alums are studying at various Kenyan Universities or on their way. Rhinah Ondiso was the first female student from Ebusiloli to go on to the University (at University of Nairobi and now recently completing at Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock, Arkansas). Since 2007, 6 more young women from Ebusiloli have entered university, including Rhodah Musimbi, Bether Kangu, Christine Minayo, Ruth Apisi, and Millicent Afandi. Many of these alums gathered with headmaster Naman Anjichi at Ebusiloli for a small reunion in December. The community is proud of the growing number of students with higher education. It is a testament to the development of the school, including strong leadership, the commitment of the students, and the partnership with “Kijana.” Congratulations students, teachers and Ebusiloli community.


From left: Principal Naman Anjichi, John Mulima (Kenya Polytechnic University
College- University of Nairobi), Bether Kangu (Kenyatta University), Ruth Apisi
(KenyaPolytechnic University College- U of Nairobi), Richard Otanga (Kisii
University College-Egerton University), Kennedy Oywaya (Maseno University);
Front: Elisha Odongo (Kenyatta University) Back: Rhoda Musimbi (Kisii
University College- Egerton University), Christine Minayo (Maseno University),
Robert Ouko (University of Nairobi), Elphas Otanga (Karatina University College-
Moi University), Jack Onjote (to join Maseno University). Absent: Peterson Ongong’o and Beverlyne Kenyani.

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