Kenyan University Students Represent Kijana at World Student Summit

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Four Kenyan University Students were among 150 students from around the world to attend the first World Student Summit for Sustainability held in Africa. The Summit was held in Nairobi November 12-16th. Representing Kijana were John Mulima, Annegracia Kutai, Ivy Nyayieka, and Vane Molly Moraa. 80 Kenyan Students and 70 International Students attended. We will be posting their reactions to the Summit soon. Kijana is proud to have had 5% of the Kenyan Student representation. We expect their new knowledge and connections will help contribute greatly to a healthier and more vibrant Kenya and world.

University Students Represent Kijana at Summit

Pictured from left are: John Mulima, Vane Molly Moraa, Ivy Nyayieka, and Annegracia Kutai.

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  1. laurence inonda lawi says:

    that’s great .kudos to u guy’s

  2. John Mulima says:

    We’re very proud to have been given that sponsorship by Kijana Educational Empowerment Initiative in order to represent both Kijana and our Country Kenya at this wonderful World Student summit. We learned a lot and we’re looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you. Don’t miss it out. We value your support. Thank you so much Kijana for making us knowledgeably rich! We’re very proud of you.


    I appreciate such a positive response and also the initiative you took to represent our society at large. However, we are looking forward to seeing you all share some of the things discussed at the summit. My interest is not just to hear from you fellow comrades but also to learn something and see if it can be used as a tool of transforming our society. I wish you well even as you prepare to share with us through media.

    • kijana_admin says:

      Excellent points Elphas. We are working on just that. The team members are to submit reports and we want to find ways to build upon the ideas they were introduced to. Sharing is caring and if the ideas don’t move from them to others, the investment loses its potency. Great point and thanks for encouraging us to work on that.

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