TBS Students collect 3000 books for Mwituha Library

Posted on January 20th, 2012 CategoryMwituha

Students from The Benjamin Upper School International Club (in Palm Beach Gardens, FL)  held a holiday book drive for the new library at Mwituha Secondary School- recently built by “Kijana.”   The students collected 3000 books of a huge variety of titles which we will be shipping over to Mwituha.  The diversity of titles and number of books should make Mwituha amongst the best equipped rural schools in Kenya.  Students from The Benjamin School in this photo stand outside the van of books they collected awaiting transport to the “Kijana” office.  We are grateful to the TBS International Club for their initiative and energy in striving to enrich the reading opportunities of their fellow high school students in Kenya.  Thank you TBS International Club for your contribution toward a “global partnership for development.”  We look forward to showing photos of the books arriving at Mwituha in a few months.



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