Kijana Selected as an Extraordinary Charity in Palm Beach County

Posted on November 30th, 2012 CategoryKijana History, Recognition

We are proud, honored and grateful to be one of the local non-profits selected for publication in the inaugural publication of Extraordinary Charities of Palm Beach County. Extraordinary Charities was founded this year to highlight the small non-profits of our county that have been working tirelessly and productively to improve our human condition. The organization selected 51 charities to profile, out of 9000 in our county, with annual budgets of between $50,000 and $3,000,000.

The 2013 edition of “A Directory for Charitable Giving” will be sent out next week to approximately 10,000 households in our county. An additional 5,000 will be distributed to other philanthropic avenues. The charities will also be profiled online and you can view our profile as well as the other fantastic organizations from sometime next week.

We will provide the link to our page next week. Much appreciation to Extraordinary Charities for their dedication and unwearied effort in putting this together. We hope our recognition in this publication will help us access new donors, members and partners. Congratulations to all our team members and contributors over the years who have helped make this possible. We look forward to sharing news in the future as well of Extraordinary Charities news and updates and are most grateful to them for sharing the good work we do and that of 50 other Extraordinary Charities of Palm Beach County. Thank you to all the individuals and groups who work to make our communities and world a better place. We hope the work of Extraordinary Charities will also encourage others to be inspired to seek ways to change our world for the better.

See the link below for their website. We will provide an updated link next week which should go directly to our profile.

Students Study at Mwituha Library

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  1. laurence inonda lawi says:

    that’s great.kijana is an exceptional initiative

  2. John Mulima says:

    Congratulations Kijana! Your work is admirable and amazing! Keep it up! I believe there’s more reward on the way.

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